Thursday, May 24, 2012

Change is always good!

I cannot begin to explain how insanely crazy and busy this last month has been for my husband and I. If you follow me on twitter @styledbyale then you know that we recently moved. When my husband first told me we were moving it was a bit of a shock for me. When we got married he already owned a house so in my mind I already knew the changes I wanted to be made to it, knock this wall down, paint this room this color and that room that color LOL. It was no longer a bachelor pad, it was quickly going to be transformed into a home. I had everything planned out and dates for contractors to come out and make things happen. He decided to take me out to dinner to drop what I thought at the moment was a BOMB! He explained to me how he wanted us to move into a bigger space and start our new chapter as husband and wife in a new home. After he explained and added "you have full control, and could pick what makes you happy and what you love" I started to see the light LOL I immediately began our journey for our new love nest.

 If you have ever moved you know how difficult it is to find the "perfect home" we must have looked at over 100 homes before we decided on one. We really wanted a home with a pool and a home that was move in ready. I did not want to have to do ANYTHING but move in and add our cute decorations. After much hunting we found our semi perfect home. I say semi because the house doesn't have a pool but everything else about it is simply perfect. First off my office/closet was upgraded, the room I have now is so much bigger than my other office/closet (picture on the right) so that was big plus :D and we have a fabulous jacuzzi tub (picture above). I love so many things about the house and I am so excited to start, yet another new chapter of our life here together. I will soon be uploading videos on home decor and an office/closet tour. I also decided to start a new youtube channel Styledbyale I will no longer be uploading videos to my iamfoxee channel so PLEASE help me out and go sub to my new channel this is where I will be uploading my closet & home tour.

I hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend and oh how I've missed you all!!!!



  1. Congrats on your new home doll!

  2. Hi girl! Congrats on your new house :) I
    looove your style and your videos.
    Take care :)
    here is my blog if you wanna check it out.