Thursday, May 14, 2015

What is a Girl Boss

What's a girl boss?

A girl boss can have many different meanings but to me it's someone that knows her worth and prioritizes her standards; moreover, someone that never settles for anything less that what she deserves.  A girl that works hard to make all her dreams come true and no matter what doors are shut in the way of getting there she always manages to kick them open.

Part of being a girls boss is knowing that it's okay to cry, feel frustrated and feel like giving up, but NEVER doing so;  instead she gets up and tries again and again until she gets to where she knows she needs to be.

A girl boss is someone who can do just as good with you as she can do without you. This title is definitely one I have always worked hard to strive and keep.

 As a little girl I always knew I was a girl boss,  I never settled, I always wanted to try something new and challenge myself. My first girl boss moment happened when I was 15 and I applied to work at a retail store knowing I had to be 16,  I did it with the intention of blowing the interviewer away and getting the job. At the end of the interview he said to me "we would love to hire you but I see you're  only 15 so I tell you what, on your 16th birthday you can start" and just like that I knew I had unleashed the girl boss inside me.

Never let anything stop you from what you want. Nothing in life that's worth having  comes easy, as a girl boss you are meant to be challenged and you are meant to fall down but its what you do with those challenges and what you take out of those lessons that counts.

From one girl boss to another, work hard,  always believe in yourself and NEVER EVER give up.

And because we all love to see girl bosses in action here is the trailer of the new Pitch Perfect 2 movie to enjoy. Umm hello, who doesn't love girl boss movies?? I know I do.



Friday, May 8, 2015

Diario #1 Mis Alas Para Volar

Son las 2 de la mañana y aunque se que mañana tengo un millón de cosas que hacer no puedo dormír. No entiendo porque cuando se que me tengo que dormir temprano nomas no puedo. Es como si mi mente empieza a pensar de TODO ósea de TODO. Aveces me gustaría poder apagar mis pensamientos y no pensar. Pero en momentos como estos es cuando nacen nuevas metas y sueños. Quiero que sepan que ustedes me han dado alas para volar me han dado fuerza para seguir y la motivación necesaria para nunca darme por vencida. Y por eso es que me propuse a darles lo mismo. Yo las quiero inspirar, motivar y darles esas mismas fuerzas que ustedes me dan. No es fácil mis chulas pero si valdrá la pena se los prometo. Bueno mis ojitos ya no pueden mas. Me voy a contar borreguitos. Una pregunta, les gustaría si de ves en cuando escribo cositas así en mi blog? Como tipo diario? Ósea como Carrie Bradshaw de Sex And the City?? Jajajaja díganme que piensan. Las quiero.
 Y recuerden...

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Recetas Para Cinco De Mayo Que Combinan Con Cerveza

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This post is in collaboration with Montejo 

Hoy les traigo 2 deliciosos aperitivos que pueden disfrutar hoy en Cinco de Mayo o en cualquier otra ocasión con una cerveza bien fría. 

Espero y les gusten. Si deciden hacer estas recetas no olviden mandarme fotitos. 

RECETA PARA EL GUACAMOLE (para 2 personas)


Chile Serrano

1. Cortar todo los ingredientes.
2. Con un tenedor has un pure el aguacate
3. Esprime un limon al pure de aguacate
4. Mezcla los otros ingredientes con el pure de aguacate 
5. Ultimo paso ańade sal



Chile Serano

1. Lavar, limpiar y picar el camarón. 
2. Cortar limon y esprime en el camarón crudo (el limon lo cocinará)
3. Cortar todos los ingredientes
4. Mezclar los ingredientes y el camarón
5. Añadir sal. 

Y listo. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Sin Traducción Mother's Day

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Mothers Day is one of the most important days of the year for me. It's the day I get to celebrate the woman who gave me life, the woman who taught me everything I needed to know about life and the one person who will love me till the end. This is the day that I like to give her extra apapachos and show her just how special she is to me. Mom was never a word we used around the house, it was always Ma, mi ma, my mom. Every year when it comes to her gift, I like to give her things that I know she will not only use, but use on daily basis. This year I headed over to Target to pick out her special gifts. My mother is big on her morning cup of coffee, like mother like daughter. The moment I saw this mug I knew it had to be part of her gift, it was perfect in every way. Now in the mornings va poder estrenar a new, cute and fabulous coffee mug. But her gift wouldn't be complete without some at home spa goodies and a candle. A mother never stops working, worrying or caring for her children which is why the theme for her gift this year is empalagarse of herself, and  she should feel chula while doing it. It is time for her to have her own moments to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, a face mask, light a candle,  sit back and feel like the reina that she is.

What do you do to make your reina feel extra special on Mother's Day?

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