Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Sis!!!

Isabelle and I <3
Sebastian <3
I never leave my house without these two things, hand sanitizer and my purse hook and I especially love both of these because they were given to me as a gift. (thank you primis <3)

On Wednesday it was my sisters 30th bday, she is my best friend and now maid of honor. I love her to death and I couldn't imagine my upbringing without her being a part of it. We decided to take her out to lunch/dinner. We didn't do anything major since my dad is in Mexico due to the passing of my grandpa :( but we made sure to at least do a little something. On saturday we will be celebrating with the family so I am sure I will have another blog post on that. Have a FABULOUS & safe weekend.

What I'm Wearing
Tank & Shorts- Forever 21
Button up top- Rolling Threads
Galsses- H&M
Sandals- Charlotte Russe
Necklace- Juicy Couture

ALE <3

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Stephanie (Birthday girl) & I

We were all sitting around watching Obama as he spoke about Osama.

This weekend was full of birthday celebrations. The month of May is my craziest month when it comes to celebrating birthdays. May 1st is my cousin Stephanies b-day, May 2nd is my fiances sons b-day, May 3rd is my dads b-day and May 4th is my sisters.

On Friday I celebrated with my other cousin Carolinas bday, who's b-day was April 25th and Saturday I celebrated with both girls and today we had a bbq for Stephanies b-day. I love bbqs because the whole family gets together. All in all I had a blast!!!

Here are some pics from todays BBQ. Enjoy!

What I'm Wearing
Top- Charlotte Russe
Pants & Sunglasses- Forever21
Accessories- Rolling Threads
Shoes- Steve Madden

Ale <3