Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday!

Hello my FABDOLLS!!! It's Monday and it already looks like I will be having one CRAZY week. Tonight my husband and I will be heading out to San Francisco for some meetings and I'm already freaking out about being away from my office for 3 days!!!

Anywho, hope you all had a fabulous Easter Sunday. I spent the day surrounded by those I love MOST, my family. I chose to wear something comfy but of course cute, so opted for my floral print Maxi from of course Rolling Threads (which btw if you want to order you can just email me The day was beautiful, it wasn't too hot or cold it was just right.

Hope you guys and enjoy these pictures!

Have a FABULOUS week!!!

P.S If you have instagram follow me, my username is styledbyale.

**What I'm Wearing**
Dress- Rolling Threads $35
Jacket-Charlotte Russe
Shoes-Steve Madden



  1. LOVE your hair! Where did you get it done?

  2. I'm so into maxis right now specially worn with layers. Love love love your outfit!

  3. I love your maxi dress, it looks gorgeous on you!

    Little Petite

  4. the 4th to last shot is my favorite!!!

    i love the dress on you, sadly i have a thing where i don't wear spaghetti straps, i've never found them flattering on my body =/ womp womp

    thanks for looking out for me, mama!! any other dresses??

    love your lip color btw! what is it??

    looks like you had a great Easter!

  5. did i mention i ADORE your header pic!!!! <3

  6. hey how are you? so glad to have met you on Sunday..I Loved the stuff i got..MUch love I will be sending you an email...OK mUch love!!