Friday, April 22, 2011

Train, Leopard & Stripes

I had such an amazing day yesterday with Dennis, we started off by having lunch on a train in Studio City. I had a huge yummy burger and some fries. After lunch we decided to head over to one of our fav restaurants, Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks to enjoy some margaritas (which by the way they were delish). Around 11pm I started craving dessert so Dennis and I went on a hunt for a late night dessert place. We found Syrup Desserts in downtown LA, our new hidden gem. We walked in ordered our desserts and walked upstairs to their "lounge area" I was walking up when I noticed a bunch of board games (the little girl in me came out) We chose to play connect 4, which by the way I suck at it LOL. The desserts were good, I had a crepe and Dennis had a waffle. Overall, the experience was a great!

What I'm wearing
Top- Target
Shoes- Thrift Store
Accessories- RollingThreads

Ale <3

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  1. You look soo cuteeeeeee ; I like everythig but most urs boots nd shorts ;)