Friday, March 16, 2012

A chilly Friday

Every morning I wake up and look out our bedroom windows to see if the sun is shinning down on us, this morning it wasn't. The day looked so sad, cold and gloomy and immediately I knew I would be wearing boots. I worked my entire outfit around my all time FAVORITE boots I got at Forever21 I seriously wear these all the time (and I always get compliments on them). I had my day all planned out and I knew I wanted to be warm which is why I went with my faux fur vest (also a favorite) jeans and a long sleeve top. I decided to go with a bright lip just to add some color to this oh so gloomy day.

Hope you guys enjoy this quick outfit post and a little haul from Target.

***What I'm Wearing***
Top- Cotton On
Boots, Jeans, earrings & Black & Gold pyramid bracelet- Forever21
Brown cuff & belt type bangle (obsessed with it)- Rolling Threads

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


***What I bought***
Baby Lips by Maybeline- $2.99 each
Gold Glitter Polish by Milani- $3.99
Teal Bracelet with Gold Detail- $2.80
Elf Flat Top Brush- $3.00
Vanilla Chai Tea- $2.49


  1. You've git some interesting looking bracelets and vest! Love it! Looking good!

  2. I LOVE those boots!
    As i sit here reading your blog i am currently sipping on a cup of Vanilla Chai Tea, i love tea! yummy.

  3. You're inspiring with you're store and all that! It's what I want to get into so I learn from girls like you (:

    Followed your blog.