Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beauty Haul



I have heard so much about BB creams that I just HAD to buy one. I've been looking for th Maybelline one but I could never find it. it's always sold out at Target. But while looking for the Maybelline one I came across this L'Oreal one and I must say I am very excited to try it.


Washing my face in the shower is a MUST for me I almost feel like my shower isn't complete without doing it. To exfoliate I normally use St Ives face exfoliator but I wanted to try something new so I went with this Aveeno wash. I tried it and I must say I LOVE it for an everyday face wash.


After I did the Ombre on my hair it got really damaged at the tips because it needed to be bleached in order for it to go so light. I went in for my regular styling appointment and my cousin who is also my FABULOUS stylist pointed out that I have dry scalp and damaged ends. She recommended this Karate shampoo. I have noticed a difference in my hair since I started using it but it is a bit on the pricey side considering it's size.


Whenever I go into the salon my cousins hair always looks FABULOUS. It has this beachy wave to it that I love. I asked her to recommend me something that would give me that same look and she suggested Motion Lotion by Kevin Murphy. I have only tried it once and apparently I didn't do it right, so I will let you guys know how I feel about it once I try it the "right" way LOL.


Boy, oh boy have I heard so much about Moroccan Oil! I always wanted to try it but never got around to buying it until now. I have to say this stuff makes your hair smell and feel amazing... I love it!


I was watching tv the other day and saw a Maybelline commercial about this mascara and noticed that it was gel formula, so I had to get it. I've never tried a gel mascara so I will do a review on it.

LOOOOVE this color it's #980 (how boring they need to start coming up with cute names)

Hope you all enjoyed this beauty haul post. I love doing haul videos but sometimes I don't have the time so I hope you don't mind me doing the "Haul Post"

***Items not Pictured Individually***
Makeup Wipes- These are from costco and I absolutely love them they are the best wipes I've tried to date. $12.99 (for a huge box)
Makeup Bag- Sonia Kashuk you can never have too many cute makeup bags $6
Kevin Murphy Born Again Conditioner- LOVE this conditioner it's kinda like a mask, it makes my hair feel and smell amazing -$18



  1. The New header is super cute love!!!
    I need to try some of these products.


  2. Love the moroccan oil and that nail polish is such a pretty color.

  3. The loreal is WAY better than the maybelline one!

  4. The Moroccan Oil is AMAZING!!!!! I only have great things to say about it :) Great Post