Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My New Look

For so long I've wanted to get bangs but never had the courage to do it. I would always say "OMG, I want bangs but will they look good on me?" Saturday night I was talking to Dennis about how bad I wanted them and he said "go for it babe, it's just hair and if you don't like it it will grow back" I thought about it and he was so right if I hate it it will grow back, On Sunday I called my cousin and said "I need to come in the salon I'm cutting my bangs :)" My heart was pounding, my palms were sweaty and the whole time I had my eyes closed. When she was finally done I was so scared to open my eyes but when I did and saw myself I LOVED them. I know it takes time to get use to them but I am so happy I did it.

Hope you enjoy this outfit post.
Stay Fabulous,

**What I'm Wearing**
Dress & Crochet Sweater-Old Navy
Shoes- Payless
Ring-Random Store


  1. you look bella!!! I so want to get them..but my husband doesnt like them..so you ROCK them bangs!!! it is sooooo you!!!

  2. Adorable!!you look great!

  3. I love the bangs! The striped maxi looks great on you too!

  4. Love love love the bangs! My fiancé has been tellin me to cut mine but I feel it makes my face look fat haha

  5. OMG the bangs are rockin!! I love your dress and pink sweater!! Super hot!

  6. love this picture!!!!! and the bangs