Friday, November 4, 2011

Corset Heaven With A Little Leopard

It seems as though my career as a stylist and business owner is beginning to unfold in ways that I didn't imagine. I love styling for photo shoots and red carpet events but never did I think I would be doing wardrobe for a MOVIE. The film that I am working on is a short based in the 1940's. I was super excited when I got the call to be part of the team. Anywho, I went shopping for a corset to thee best corset maker in the entertainment industry. He has worked with celebrities like Modana, Toni Braxton, Janet Jackson and Thalia just to name a few. I was literally in corset heaven, there were hundreds to pick from. I wasn't expecting to try one on, but decided to for the heck of it and boy was it weird, my waist size went from... ummm who knows LOL to a whopping 18"!!!!! Kinda scary LOL.

Hope you guys enjoy the pics!!!

**What I'm Wearing**
Top- H&M
Jeans & Red Ring- Forever21
Neckalce- Juicy Couture
Scarf, Belt, Accessories & Handbag- Rolling Threads (my store, under construction)
Nail Polish- Baby Pink by NYX matt polish
Shoes- Boutique


Paparazzi shot : )

My 18" waist!!!!


  1. Omg! Your waist! I freakin love your outfit, the scarf the pretty leopard bracelet, is the bracelet from your store? Thx for sharing these awesome pics!

  2. You look amazing!!!!

    P.S: I posted pics of my new boots on my blog yesterday, go check them out!! <3